OEM Solutions for mold Fabrication

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OEM Solutions for mold Fabrication

As the tool for product manufacturing, the mold is the first step to starting production after prototyping. Minewing provides the design service and can make mold with our skilled mold designers and mold makers, the tremendous experience in mold fabrication as well. We have completed the mold covering the aspects of the multiple types such as plastic, stamping, and die casting. Catering to different customers’ needs, we can design and produce the housing with varying features as requested. We own advanced CAD/CAM/CAE machines, wire-cutting machines, EDM, the drill press, grinding machines, milling machines, Lathe machines, injection machines, more than 40 technicians, and eight engineers who are good at tooling on OEM/ODM. We also provide the Analysis for Manufacturability (AFM) and the Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions to optimize the mold and the products.

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For plastic mold, the primary process includes the injection mold, the extrusion mold, and the blister mold. A series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes can be produced by coordinating changes in the cavity and core of the mold and auxiliary system. We have made the plastic housing for devices used in industrial control, NB-IoT, Beacon, and customer electronics by using the ABS, PA, PC, and POM materials.

For stamping mold, it is the mold for producing the home appliance, telecommunication, and automobile. Due to the unique processing forms used on the mold, it is possible to obtain metal stamping parts with thin walls, lightweight, good rigidity, high surface quality, and complex shapes than other ways. The quality is stable and the processing method is efficient.

For die casting mold, it is a tool for casting metal parts. Aluminum alloys are widely used in non-ferrous alloy die castings, followed by zinc alloys. We made the devices with the aluminum alloys, which were assembled into the access control system for the public environment and the prospector for security check.

With over ten years of experience on mold fabrication, we can provide the service from mold design to manufacturing for housing.

Mold capability

Automatic equipment


Plastic injection machines:

450 T: 1 set;  350T: 1 set;  250T: 2 sets;  150T: 15sets;

130T: 15sets; 120T: 20sets; 100T: 3 sets ;  90T: 5 sets.

Tempo printing machine:

3 sets

Silkscreen printing machines:

24 sets

Over-spraying for plastic, hardware painting, UV/PU painting, conductive painting, sandblast, oxidation, drawbench.

Over-spraying machines:

Static liquid/powder painting, UV curing, automatic spraying lines, DISK painting room, drying furnace.

Automatic equipments:

Automatic production lines for all kinds of small parts, cell phone shell and camera cover, no-dusty lines of 0.1 million level, PVC transmission lines, washing lines.

Environment equipments:

Water-washing painting tank, powder painting tank, wind-supply room, waste water/waste gas disposal, UV packing machines.

Firing equipments:

Cabinet Oven,The burning oven of diesel fuel,Hot Air Oven, Gas Infrared Oven,Fuel Oven,Tunnel type drying furnace, UV Curing Oven,High-temperature tunnel oven water cut furnace, Washing machine,Drying Oven

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