Your EMS partner for the JDM, OEM, and ODM projects.

Full Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Minewing dedicated to providing integrated solutions for customers with our experience in the electronics and plastic manufacturing industry. From the idea to realization, we can meet customers’ expectations by giving technical support based on our engineering team at the early stage, and make products at L-M-H volumes with our PCB and mold factory.

  • EMS solutions for Printed Circuit Board

    EMS solutions for Printed Circuit Board

    As an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) partner, Minewing provides JDM, OEM, and ODM services for worldwide customers to produce the board, such as the board used on smart homes, industrial controls, wearable devices, beacons, and customer electronics. We purchase all the BOM components from the original factory’s first agent, such as Future, Arrow, Espressif, Antenova, Wasun, ICKey, Digikey, Qucetel, and U-blox, to maintain the quality. We can support you at the design and development stage to provide technical advice on the manufacturing process, product optimization, rapid prototypes, testing improvement, and mass production. We know how to build PCBs with the appropriate manufacturing process.

  • Integrated manufacturer for your idea to production

    Integrated manufacturer for your idea to production

    Prototyping is the vital step for testing the product before production. As the turnkey supplier, Minewing has been helping customers make prototypes for their ideas to verify the product’s feasibility and find out the deficiencies of the design. We provide reliable rapid prototyping services, whether for checking the proof-of-principle, the working function, visual appearance, or user opinions. We take part in every step to improve the products with customers, and it turns out to be necessary for future production and even for marketing.

  • OEM Solutions for mold Fabrication

    OEM Solutions for mold Fabrication

    As the tool for product manufacturing, the mold is the first step to starting production after prototyping. Minewing provides the design service and can make mold with our skilled mold designers and mold makers, the tremendous experience in mold fabrication as well. We have completed the mold covering the aspects of the multiple types such as plastic, stamping, and die casting. Catering to different customers’ needs, we can design and produce the housing with varying features as requested. We own advanced CAD/CAM/CAE machines, wire-cutting machines, EDM, the drill press, grinding machines, milling machines, Lathe machines, injection machines, more than 40 technicians, and eight engineers who are good at tooling on OEM/ODM. We also provide the Analysis for Manufacturability (AFM) and the Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions to optimize the mold and the products.

  • Design For Manufacturing Solutions For Product Development

    Design For Manufacturing Solutions For Product Development

    As an integrated contract manufacturer, Minewing provides not only the manufacturing service but also the design support through all the steps at the beginning, whether for structural or electronics, the approaches for re-designing products as well. We cover the end-to-end services for the product. Design for manufacturing becomes increasingly important for medium to high-volume production, as well as low volume production.