Internet of Things smart home appliance solution

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In recent years, with the rise of the Internet of Things, wireless WIFI plays a very important role. WIFI is applied to a variety of occasions, any item can be connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, through a variety of information sensing device, no need to monitor real-time acquisition, connected, interactive object or process, collect the sound, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, biology, such as the need to position information, Realize its intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.

I. Program Overview
This scheme is applied to realize the networking function of traditional home appliances. Users can control and manage the devices remotely through mobile phones.
This case consists of an iot embedded WIFI module, mobile APP software and iot cloud platform.

Two, the principle of the scheme

1) Implementation of iot
Through an embedded wifi chip, the data collected by the device sensor is transmitted through the wifi module, and the instructions sent by the mobile phone are transmitted through the wifi module to realize the control of the device.
2) Fast connection
Once the device is turned on, it automatically looks for wifi signals and uses the phone to set up a user name and password for the device to connect to the router. After the device is connected to the router, it sends a registration request to the cloud platform. The mobile phone binds the device by entering the serial number of the device.


3) Remote control
Remote control is realized through the cloud platform. The mobile client sends instructions to the cloud platform through the network. After receiving the instructions, the cloud platform forwards the instructions to the target device, and Wifi module forwards the instructions to the device control unit to complete the operation of the device.
4) Data transmission
The device regularly pushes data to the specified address of the cloud platform, and the mobile client automatically sends requests to the server when networking, so that the mobile client can display the latest status and environmental data of the air purifier.

Three, the program function
Through the implementation of this scheme, the following conveniences can be realized for product users:
1. Remote control

A. One purifier, which can be managed and controlled by multiple people

B. One client can manage multiple devices

2. Real-time monitoring

A, real-time view of equipment operating status: mode, wind speed, timing and other states;

B. Real-time view of air quality: temperature, humidity, PM2.5 value

C. Check the filter status of the purifier in real time

3. Environmental comparison

A, display outdoor ambient air quality, through comparison, decide whether to open the window

4. Personalized service

A, filter cleaning reminder, filter replacement reminder, environmental standards reminder;

B. One-click purchase for filter replacement;

C. Activity push of manufacturers;

D, IM chat after-sales service: humanized after-sales service;

Through the implementation of this scheme, the following conveniences can be realized for manufacturers:

1. Accumulation of users: once registered, users can get their phone numbers and emails, so that manufacturers can provide continuous services for users.

2. Provide decision-making basis for product market positioning and market analysis by analyzing user data;

3. Continuously improve products by analyzing user habits;

4. Push some product promotion information to users through the cloud platform;

5. Quickly obtain user feedback through IM after-sales service to improve the efficiency and quality of after-sales service;

Post time: Jun-11-2022