New Product Introduction – VDI surface selecting for product design

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Product design covers mechanical & electronics and everything in between. The selecting of VDI surface finish is the necessary step for the product design, as there are glossy and matte surfaces which create different visual effects and enhance the product appearance, so here are some factors that need to consider.

When selecting the most suitable VDI surface finish for a particular product, it is essential to assess the requirements of the application. The appropriate surface finish must meet criteria such as functionality, cost-effectiveness, and durability. In addition to these considerations, the compatibility of the particular finish with the product’s material and its intended use must be taken into account. To identify the type of material that will be used. Different materials have different requirements for surface finish, and a VDI finish can only be used if the material is suitable. For example, if the product is made of aluminum, then a VDI finish is usually recommended, whereas steel may require a different type of surface finish.

First, the functionality of the surface finish should be evaluated. Depending on the product, surface finish may be necessary to provide certain properties or to facilitate specific tasks. For example, a smooth surface finish with a high degree of reflectivity may be required for a product with a visual display. Alternatively, a rougher finish may be needed for products with a high friction coefficient.

Next, the cost-effectiveness of the surface finish should be considered. VDI finishes can vary significantly in terms of cost, depending on the level of complexity and the materials used. It is important to select a finish that is within budget but also meets the functional requirements of the product.

Finally, the durability of the VDI surface finish should be taken into account. The surface finish must be able to withstand the conditions of the intended use without degrading or becoming damaged. For instance, surface finish designed for outdoor use must be resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors.

To sum up, when selecting the appropriate VDI surface finish for a particular product, it is essential to consider the functional, cost-effective, and durable aspects of the finish. By taking all of these criteria into account, it is possible to choose a finish that meets the needs of the product and its intended use.

Post time: Feb-13-2023