New product manufacturing from a Kickstarter campaign perspective

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New product manufacturing from a Kickstarter campaign perspective

How can we, as a manufacturer, help bring the Kickstarter campaign product to a real scenario? We have helped different campaigns, such as smart rings, phone cases, and metal wallet projects, from the prototype stage to mass production at the desired quality and scale. 

A mobile phone case that can be illuminated by electromagnetic waves without electricity and can distinguish incoming calls or text messages

Smart phone case project on Kickstarter

A smart fashion ring that help you feel safe

Smart ring on Kickstarter

At the early stage, we can provide expertise and guidance in cost estimation, material selection, production planning, and some other specified manufacturing technology suggestions to ensure functionality and quality.  

We assist you in creating product prototypes by using 3D printing, CNC, vacuum casting, and silicone mold to make a physical product. We may optimize it based on customers’ feedback and experience to make the design more stable, high-quality, and cost-effective. To make functional testing for prototypes to evaluate their functionality, performance, and usability. Identify any flaws, issues, or areas for improvement and iterate on the design accordingly.

Prototype testing for Kickstarter campaign

At the design for manufacturability stage, Minewing, as a manufacturer, can consider many factors related to new product customization to ensure the design is compatible with selected manufacturing processes, materials, and technology to streamline production. Trial production is a critical stage for us to verify the product and manufacturing process; we make planning, prepare for material and equipment, and establish quality standards and production process. By analyzing the batch results, we can evaluate the predefined criteria in actual production to make adjustments and improvements for the next stage. That will help avoid potential risks, such as components shortage, production delay, and others that may occur during the next stage.    

Our experience in project management during mass production allows us to provide you with a fully transparent production process. We also offer quality control checking lists, supply chain management, and ensuring the final product is delivered to you, providing a comprehensive manufacturing solution from parts manufacturing, sub-assembly, final assembly, final testing, quality inspection, packaging and logistics. 

Final shipping services for new product

Post time: May-07-2024