Solutions for Healthcare project From Concept to Production

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Solutions for Healthcare project From Concept to Production

Minewing has contributed to the new product solutions and provided Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) integrated services over the past years. As a customer-focused company, we support customers from the development stage to the final product. By developing healthcare products with customers and keeping pace with the latest technologies, our engineers understand the customers’ concerns and face the challenges together. Our customers treated Minewing as an excellent partner. Not only because of the developing and manufacturing services but also the supply chain management services. It synchronizes the demands and the production stages.

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The industry is not just related to humankind but all creatures. We operated under strict management to ensure quality and performance. The products are certified by the international standard for different countries and regions requested. Based on the current process, we can offer guidance to the design catered to practical needs in production and can assist your company with the development, rapid prototyping, testing, and production of your project. Due to the customers and the continually updated methodology of our team, we are becoming more advanced in this industry.


This is a non-invasive, drug-free device that uses red, infrared, and blue light to assist in the healing of injuries, wounds, and infections.


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