Systems Integration Solutions for intelligent Identification

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Systems Integration Solutions for intelligent Identification

Unlike the traditional identification products, intelligent identification is an emerging field in the industry. Traditional identification systems are commonly used for the fingerprint, card, and RFID identification, and their limitations and defects are pronounced. The intelligent identification system can adapt to various attempts, and its convenience, accuracy, and security have been significantly improved.

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The facial recognition system is already a very mature technology. By using the intelligent system as the basis to expand more recognition modes to effectively adapt to various environments and meet the needs of consumers, so as to collect, locate, identify, store and compare faces to achieve accurate identification and effective differentiation. It can meet all market needs by combining the other identification systems, such as the shopping malls can define consumer capabilities, and the company can determine the employee or customer levels by using facial recognition. In the working environment, you will not only be able to save on the maintenance of your access control system but also check the health of your employees, as well as taking into account their working time by using face recognition technology.

The intelligent identification systems for the strictly controlled area. Other than the collection and sorting function, there is an early warning function for the specified location. The smart identification system can effectively distinguish and understand whether there are hidden safety hazards in the monitoring area and timely deal with the hidden danger levels. Real-time remote monitoring and alarming is convenient for control and management.

Intelligent identification is easy to use for ordinary people as there is no need for any activities but to check only the face. The systems are stable, accurate, and can achieve the real-time log record and remote control; they are well developed and used in various environments for security purposes.

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